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6 Best Newsletters That Will Improve Your SEO Skills

There is always A LOT going on in the SEO industry! From updates and quick tips to strategies and events, it’s easy to miss out on valuable information.

Usually, my go-to source for keeping up with all that information is Twitter. Just by following the right people, I get to see helpful tweets to fill my knowledge gap. But there are days when I’m barely active there or too busy for social media. On days like that, newsletters take the lead.

On that note, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite newsletters for SEOs. Most of my recommendations lean towards technical SEO but there are a few that covers all parts of SEO as well. Here we go.

P.S. This list is work-in-progress and I’ll be updating it as I subscribe to other cool ones over time.

6 Valuable Newsletters For SEOs

1. Search News You Can Use by Marie Haynes


Marie Hayne's Newsletter

If you want to keep up with Google algorithm and SEO news, Marie Haynes’ newsletter is for you. This SEO newsletter is delivered weekly and is loaded with industry news, techniques, and tips to help your site benefit from these changes.

You can sign up for the light version (free) or subscribe to a premium version to get deeper insights on any featured technique and access to past premium newsletters.

What you’ll get in this newsletter:

  • An occasional podcast for the newsletter episode
  • Google’s algorithms news
  • Announcements from Marie Haynes Consulting (e.g., discounts and new articles)
  • Google Announcements (clarifications and updates on existing features/tools)
  • SEO Tips
  • SEO news around the world
  • Local SEO updates (from Google)
  • SEO tools
  • Recommended articles from SEOs
  • Jobs section

Subscribe to Marie Haynes’ SNYCU

2. Google Sheets Tips Weekly


Sign up screenshot of the Google Sheets Tips Weekly newsletter

Talking about this newsletter excites me! I do most of my SEO data analysis on Google Sheets and finding out new tricks that will make my work easier is a dream come true. So, this newsletter is definitely one of my favorites, even though it isn’t strictly for SEO. Back to the main topic.

Google Sheets Tips Weekly is a newsletter by, Ben Collins, a Google developer expert & data analytics Instructor. Every Monday, subscribers receive an actionable tip. Think of it as an endless tutorial of Google Sheets functionality broken down into bite-sized newsletters once a week. If like me, you do most of your work on Google Sheets, I’d recommend this newsletter.

What you’ll get in this newsletter:

  • Weekly Google Sheets tips.
  • A free copy of the Spice Up Your Sheet Life ebook, packed with 100 Google Sheets tips.
  • Exclusive content.
  • Free updates to any templates.
  • The best deals on future training courses.

Subscribe to Google Sheets Tips Weekly

3. Aleyda’s #SEOFOMO


Aleyda Solis' SEOFOMO newsletter sign up screenshot

The #SEOFOMO newsletter is curated by the wonderful Aleyda Solis. It is sent out every Sunday and features all-around news, from SEO content and jobs to non-SEO-related updates to learn from. #SEOFOMO is FREE.

What you’ll get in this newsletter:

  • Search Updates & News from Search Engines
  • Valuable recently published SEO content (covers technical, content, and link)
  • The latest remote-based digital marketing & SEO jobs
  • #SEOFOMO’s SEO & Digital Marketers to Follow
  • Free SEO Tools of the Week
  • Non-SEO-focused news & content
  • The #SEOFOMO weekly featured supporters

Subscribe to #SEOFOMO


Once every other week

SEO MBA Newsletter sign up screenshot

Are you looking for a newsletter that’ll help you improve your SEO consulting, strategic, and leadership skills? Tom Critchlow’s SEO MBA is just what you need.

This free newsletter focuses more on the executive part of SEO and comes with tips that would help SEO professionals improve their communication with stakeholders and advance their careers. While SEO MBA doesn’t have a regular schedule, you can expect to receive an episode roughly once every other week.

What you’ll get in this newsletter:

Well-crafted, insightful newsletter content that helps you:

  • Develop executive presence
  • Get more buy-in
  • Improve your data presentation skills
  • Advance your SEO consulting/management skills

Subscribe to SEO MBA

5. WTS Newsletter


WTS newsletter sign up screenshot

The Women in Tech SEO newsletter seeks to shine a light on the incredible work of women in the SEO industry every month. It is sent on the last Wednesday of each month and is completely FREE. Everyone can sign up, regardless of gender and whether you’re into SEO or not.

The WTS Newsletter is also a great resource for anyone looking for speakers to diversify their events or publications.

What you’ll get in this newsletter:

  • Articles, talks, and projects by talented women in the SEO industry.
  • Featured tools.
  • Community updates such as training, initiatives, and events.

Subscribe to WTS Newsletter

6. SEO Notebook


The SEO notebook newsletter sign up screenshot

SEO Notebook is a newsletter by, Steve Toth, Fresh Desk’s former SEO strategist. Each week, Steve sends out a free in-depth note filled with actionable SEO strategies. Steve’s content is exclusive and isn’t readily available elsewhere; it’s just in his newsletters.

What you’ll get in this newsletter:

Upon sign-up, a spreadsheet bundle including:

  • Internal linking template.
  • CTR Benchmarker.
  • Backlink Planner.
  • Modern, actionable SEO strategies & case studies.

Subscribe to SEO Notebook

Wrapping Up

With these SEO newsletters, it’s easier to keep up to date with news and tips from the industry. This isn’t a sponsored list but a roundup of all the SEO newsletters I’m currently subscribed to and find helpful. If you know of any valuable newsletter, I should sign up for, reach me on Twitter with your suggestions.

6 Best Newsletters That Will Improve Your SEO Skills
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