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I’m Katherine—a Technical SEO Specialist. I started my Tech SEO journey by mentoring with Ayleda Solis and have since then worked on several projects to clear up technical roadblocks stopping users and search engines from accessing the website of various businesses.    

Other superpowers: Gardening, Reading up spoilers, Westlife fangirl.

Latest Posts

  • 4 Common XML Sitemap Mistakes and How to Fix Them
    For a file that aids in URL discovery, XML sitemaps are rarely talked about. Luckily, I got the opportunity to talk about them on the Rank Ranger Podcast. And then decided to write an in-depth version of the talk here. You can find a link to the podcast in the third section of this article. […]
  • 6 Best Newsletters That Will Improve Your SEO Skills
    There is always A LOT going on in the SEO industry! From updates and quick tips to strategies and events, it’s easy to miss out on valuable information. Usually, my go-to source for keeping up with all that information is Twitter. Just by following the right people, I get to see helpful tweets to fill […]
  • How to Find and Analyze Referral Traffic on Google Analytics 4
    Discovering the sites that link to your website is one thing. Finding out how much traffic they bring to your site, the pages they are arriving at, and how effective those leads are is the real deal. On Google Analytics, such data is known as Referral traffic. This data is highly valuable because it can […]

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