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Setting Up For Technical SEO Success

Technical SEO can be overwhelming for beginners. Where do you start? What do you optimize to see improvement on your website? These are all common questions every non-technical person would have. And that’s why in the BlueArray LondonSEO Meetup x FCDC event, I talked about steps to take when setting up for technical SEO success. […]

How Healthy Spot is Losing Out on Revenue Opportunities

For some websites, broken links may not be as important as major classic errors such as wrong noindex tags or hreflang implementation. In fact, these websites may be lucky enough not to lose anything significant by linking to invalid URLs. But for many websites like Healthy Spot, broken links can result in very tangible losses […]

What Is a 404 Error and How Do You Fix It?

Have you ever clicked on an item you really want or even a blog post that has the exact information you need, only to hit ‘404 Not Found’? Chances are you’ll either leave the website immediately for another that has what you need or, in very few cases, check out other similar resources on the […]

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